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The Secret Solution to the World's Crisis

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by Dejan Unger, Slovenian Economist
I am happy and it is in my honour to present this writing of Dr. Antonio Miclavez. He has a big heart. With his work, he sharply analyzes the actual economic situation and helps us to foresee where it will lead.  That is the purpose of his writing "Euflation".
He extensively and colourfully talks about the inflation that slowly destroys us. But also about the money shortage that keeps the oxygen away from the economy transforming a financial crisis in an economic crisis.

It is amazing, what new insights to the inflationary mechanisms he gives us, showing us that solutions do exist; it is only a matter of time, and we will have to follow them to survive, because our economic system will not be able to survive  the everlasting pressure created by debt.

What has been lacking so far was a deep comprehension of the inflationary/deflationary mechanisms leading to a comprehensive  economic theory. The old theories haven't given us practical solutions so far; now that this knowledge is here, only an equitable cooperation will all bring us life and prosperity, which we all long for.

Understanding, cooperation, economic success: it's up to us, for the sake of our children, to understand and apply the Author's solutions to this devastating financial disaster.  Only in this way we will reach the heaven of Euflation, where the produced goods can finally be distributed at stable prices to a public who has the money to buy them. Mother Earth and man's work are creating enough for everybody; let's create a financial system that allows the most to live decently.

Dejan Unger, Slovenian Economist

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Is your country plagued by State Debt?

If yes, your government isn’t printing its own money and this book will help you to understand the financial crisis you are in… and more importantly, HOW TO GET OUT OF IT!

by Antonio Miclavez